Imagine yourself in an untouched mountain region enjoying a pleasant hiking tour in the Alps. What would be better than taking a rest with a delicious mountain cheese and a air dryed sausage? Our goal is to bring you closer towards this attitude of life.

What is mountain cheese?

Mountain cheese is a kind of cheese which is essentially totally manufactured in a mountain region. It is particularly important that the cows graze at a certain mountain meadow. In the Austrian Alps, mountain cheese is a protected term and guarentees being a genuine product.


Highest quality requirements for the mountain cheese

High-quality products is one of our greatest assets. Not only is an outstanding quality and an unforgettable taste very important for us, but also a natural and environmentally-friendly production as well as priorities of sustainable animal welfare. It includes highest consideration of alpine farmers, paying a fair milk revenue. Furthermore, maintaining an excellent relationship of trust on personal basis is highly important to us.



The Product itself

Pure nature! The certified Gourmet Mountain Cheese is made with raw milk covered by a hundred percent natural rind of salt. The Mountain cheese is produced solely from hey milk (silage-free milk). It means, the animals are exclusively fed with gras and hey from the alps and not with silo nutrition. Only three percent of the European milk farmers feed their animals  this way, which makes it so unique.This natural nutrition highly affects both the quality and the unique taste oft he cheese. Moreover, we guarentee, that this Mountain cheese is manufactured without genetic engineering.
Furthermore, our cheese is a hundred percent lactose free, as it is matured for more than five months.



The region

Home of the internationally famous mountain cheese is the exciting and stunning region of Bregenzer Wald in Austria. Besides natural beauty it owns the quality label of the European Union. The indication of origin, as well as designation of product are protected by the European Union. With the traditional core business for more than a hundred years, excellent quality is guarenteed, as you will hardly find within Europe.


Varieties of Mountain Cheese

Kaese Glueckler offers the kind of Gourmet Mountain Cheese:

  • aged six month (pleasantly mild in taste)
  • aged twelve month (highly aromatic and more mature)
  • aged eighteen months (wholehearted and fully flavoured)



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