Highest quality

From raw material to end product, highest quality of our meat and sausage products is always our primary goal. Of course, personal contact to our suppliers and a bond of trust is also highly important.
With our chosen products we can achieve this high standard of excellence. Our meat and sausage goods captivate with extraordinary taste and are completely free of flavour enhancers, colourants. Also, our products are lactose and gluten free.


Animal welfare

Our suppliers place greatest emphasis on animal husbandry close to nature and manageable structures. These factors ensure maximum quality.


Meat and sausage specialties

Käse Glückler offers following choice of meat and sausage specialties:

  • smoked ham from Upper Austria (pork)
  • air-dried sausages in different variations e.g. with chilli from Upper Austria
    (beef and pork)
  • Geselchtes (smoked salt meat, pork)
  • Schüttelbrot (flat bread with herbs)


pasture Kaese Glueckler

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